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Recuperative Care Plan Accident and Sickness Insurance

Hospital Cash Benefits

Help put your mind at ease when the doctor says, “I’m admitting you to the hospital”. Receive your Cash Benefits for a covered accident or any sickness — even a pre-existing condition — paid to you or anyone you choose for each day in the hospital. See FAQs for plan details, limitations, and exclusions.


$200.00 a day
$1,400.00 a week1
per covered hospitalization due to
sickness up to 365 days

Maximum Payable to you per
occurrence is $73,000.00

Cash Benefits


$400.00 a day
$2,800.00 a week1
per covered hospitalization due to
injury up to 365 days

Maximum Payable to you per
occurrence is $146,000.00

Cash Benefits
1All coverage reduces by 50% at age 70 and older, regardless of age at enrollment.
For California Residents: Insurance product offered by Franklin Madison Insurance Services LLC. Underwritten by Minnesota Life Insurance Company.

Use your Cash Benefits to help pay for:

With Recuperative Care Plan accident and sickness insurance, payments are made directly to you or anyone you choose.
It’s all been arranged for you by One Nevada Credit Union and underwritten by Minnesota Life Insurance Company.

Plan Features

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— No cost to you for the first 60 days

Easy to Use

  • PAID directly to you or anyone you choose
  • PAID in one lump sum
  • PAID in addition to any other insurance

Easy to Understand

  • No lifetime maximums on number of claims
  • No pre-existing conditions exclusion
  • No waiting period for benefits to begin

Easy to Get

  • Guaranteed — You cannot be turned down
  • Guaranteed — No physical exam required
  • Guaranteed — No health questions asked

Questions? Look Here.

Can I get insurance for my spouse and family, too?
Yes. Family coverage insures you, your spouse/domestic partner and/or dependent children. If you elect family coverage, a benefit in the amount of 60 percent of your coverage will be payable in the event of your spouse’s or domestic partner’s covered loss, if you do not have dependent children, or 50 percent if you have dependent children. In CO civil union partners are covered. In TX domestic partners are not covered. A benefit in the amount of 20 percent of your coverage will be payable in the event of your dependent child’s covered loss.
Do I have to take a medical exam or answer a lot of health questions?
No. Medical exams, blood tests or answering health questions are not required to get and/or keep this coverage.
Do I have to use the cash benefit to pay medical bills?
No. You can use your payment for anything you want – medical, family or personal expenses of any kind.
Who do the payments go to?
Payments can be made directly to you or to anyone you choose.
When does coverage begin?
Coverage becomes effective on the first day of the month following the receipt of your enrollment.
Is there an age cutoff?
There is no age cutoff, however, benefits will reduce by 50% at age 70 regardless of age at enrollment.
What if I have other insurance?
This insurance will pay all cash benefits due to a covered sickness or injury regardless of any other insurance you may have.
Who is Franklin Madison Group LLC? Who is MyOnlineInsurance?
Franklin Madison Group LLC is the Plan Administrator for this One Nevada Credit Union-sponsored insurance coverage. One Nevada Credit Union is our client. is the members-access website service, sponsored and wholly owned by Franklin Madison Group LLC.
Who provides this insurance?
Minnesota Life Insurance Company.
What isn't covered?
No coverage will be provided and no benefit will be paid for any Injury or loss caused directly or indirectly by, results in whole or in part from, occurs during, or there is contribution from, any of the following: 1) self-inflicted Injury, self destruction, or autoeroticism, whether sane or insane; 2) suicide or attempted suicide, whether sane or insane; 3) an Insured Person’s participation in, or an Insured Person’s attempt to commit, a crime, assault, felony, or any illegal activity, regardless of any legal proceedings thereto; 4) bodily or mental infirmity, illness or disease; 5) the use of alcohol, drugs, medications, poisons, gases, fumes or other substances taken, absorbed, inhaled, ingested or injected; 6) motor vehicle collision or accident where an Insured Person is the operator of the motor vehicle and an Insured Person’s blood alcohol level meets or exceeds the level at which intoxication is defined in the state where the collision or accident occurred, regardless of any legal proceedings thereto; 7) infections of any kind regardless of how contracted, other than infection occurring simultaneously with, and as a direct result of, the accidental Injury; 8) medical or surgical treatment or diagnostic procedures or any resulting complications; 9) travel in or descent from any aircraft, except as a fare-paying passenger on a regularly scheduled commercial flight on a licensed passenger aircraft carrier; 10) war or any act of war, whether declared or undeclared; 11) riding in or driving any type of motor vehicle as part of a speed contest or scheduled race, including testing such vehicle on a track, speedway or proving ground; 12) repetitive stress syndromes including but not limited to rotator cuff syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve syndrome, stress fractures, neuropathy, epicondylitis or neuritis. Exclusions 4 and 7 do not apply to the recuperation daily sickness benefit.
How much does this coverage cost?
The cost for coverage is $24 per month for you or $36 per month for you and your family.
How will I be billed for this coverage?
The coverage you select will be conveniently billed to the account provided at the time of enrollment.
How do I file a claim?
You can receive and complete our Insurance Claim Forms by calling our Claims Department at 1-800-252-2148. A representative would be glad to assist you in filing a claim.
When do I get my cash benefit?
Since this insurance "pays while you get better", your Recuperation Benefit Amount will be paid in one lump sum after the Covered Person's discharge from the Hospital.
Why do you need my hospital records to process a claim?
These records are required by the insurance company to verify you were hospital confined and that the primary cause of the hospital confinement was due to a covered sickness or injury.

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FOR MEMBERS ONLY - this insurance offer is available exclusively to members of this credit union and to their eligible family members who are eligible under the Family Plan.

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Minnesota Life
Insurance is underwritten by Minnesota Life Insurance Company.
Minnesota Life Insurance Company is a member company of Securian Financial Group, Inc. Since 1880, Securian Financial Group and its affiliates have provided financial security for individuals and businesses in the form of insurance, investments and retirement plans.